Third Party Investigates Alleged Strip-Search of Four Black Middle School Students In New York

A state investigation has been launched into allegations that four African-American girls were strip-searched inside their New York middle school last week.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has also called on the State Department of Education to open its own investigation into the claims, as well as assist in the state’s probe.

Outraged locals pressed for answers amid news that four 12-year-old girls at East Middle School in Binghampton were questioned and ordered to disrobe by an assistant principal and a school nurse on Jan. 15 after they were suspected of having drugs. School officials claimed the girls appeared “hyper and giddy” during their lunch hour.


During the searches, the nurse allegedly made disparaging remarks about one of the student’s breasts.

Gov. Cuomo called the allegations “deeply disturbing” and questioned whether race was a factor in the incident.

 “Asking a child to remove her clothing  and then commenting on her body  is shaming, humiliating, traumatic sexual harassment,” he said. “In New York, we have zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment of any kind, especially in our schools, and we stand with those who are calling for clarity on this troubling incident.”

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