Famously Corrupt Chicago Police Says Jussie Smollett Is A Victim But Threatens Him With Charges


The last place a person wants to be a victim is in the city of Chicago. From Laquan McDonald to 15 men in exonerated in one day back in December 2017, the Chicago Police Department is infested with corruption. Now, Jussie Smollett appears to be getting the same treatment by CPD, which said this week that the actor will be charged if he isn’t the victim he said he is.

#ChicagoPolice Supt Eddie Johnson says #JussieSmollett is still being treated as the victim in this case but if the investigation does reveal he made a false report he will be held accountable,” Chicago reporter Rafer Weigel tweeted Tuesday.

What is the point of making another premature statement? Is it just to plant doubts in the minds of the public. The Chicago Police Department has dropped the ball from the beginning with their handling of the case in the media. First, a police spokesperson said there was no footage of the assailants. Then, hours later, there were two “persons of interest” on video. They also claimed the “ Read Story

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