Baltimore Woman Thought to Have Been Killed By a Panhandler Was Actually Killed By Her Family

Acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said Keith Smith, who is 52-years old, and Valeria Smith, who is 28-years old, were arrested Sunday morning in Harlingen, Texas, near the Mexico border. They have been charged with first-degree murder.

“During the course of our investigation, we have developed evidence that Mr. Smith was leaving Maryland, so we made appropriate national notifications, and the Texas State Police arrested him this morning (Sunday),” Harrison said. “All of our investigators for both Keith and Valeria Smith, outlining the evidence in this case to a judge, who reviewed and signed the warrants for first-degree murder.”

Harrison did not discuss a motive, saying “that’s for a trial.” But he confirmed that the evidence support that it was not really a panhandler who killed Jacquelyn. Read More

Moreover, state officials expressed disappointment over people exploiting the stereotype that Baltimore is a crime-ridden city.

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