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Sunday, November 29

Fallen and captured US service members

Ronald J Kimbrough

Donald Trump has called are fallen and captured US service members “losers” and “suckers”. He also asked that wounded veterans be kept out of military parades, This person this sorry excuse for a President has disrespected not only are military service members but there family as well. My son called me one day some time ago and said Dad I will be away for a year. I will try to call you when I can and for a year I lived in fear praying that the lord would send him home to his Wife and Children to his Father and Mother to his Family. Every day that he was away at war fighting for this country every day that I did not talk to him was hell you live in fear when you hear on CNN that a  soldier was killed your heart stops you watch to see if maybe you can  see him or her in a clip on the news win the phone rings you do not want to answer it you do not want that call and yet this poor excuse for a man who has know feeling can not understand what others go throw has no respect for are military member or their family’s calling them losers when are young men and women go to war maybe they will not return coming home injured or in a box. Donald Trump has no right to be Commander and Chief.  My son was injured in Afghanistan my son severe and I am proud of him and those who are in the military but I have no respect for Donald Trump.

Ronald Kimbrough a Proud Father of a Soldier.

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